Platform: CRE Owners

CRE Owners

Add commercial solar to your real estate portfolio at the best possible cost

Simplified Process

The easiest way to get onsite solar without the experience, time, effort, and spend.

Proposals In Minutes

Accurate solar design and proposals based on your actual electric bills in just minutes.

True Apples-To-Apples

Competitive construction bids from established contractors based on engineered plans.

Contractor Network

Access to quality established commercial general and electrical contractors.

Green Branding

Increase retention, decrease vacancy, boost loyalty, and enhance your brand by going green.

SolBid’s software platform empowers Commercial Real Estate Owners with the ability to procure onsite solar energy without the headache and costs of dealing with lead generators, consultants, and brokers

Generate solar proposals in minutes

SolBid is the choice for many businesses looking to add solar to their suite of capabilities. Our software allows your team to generate accurate solar energy system module layouts in just minutes without any solar design experience. Whether rooftop, ground, or carport solar energy systems, SolBid can deliver.

Get instant turnkey project cost breakdown and estimates for your clients, from solar components and engineering to budgetary installation costs. SolBid supplies the major solar components and maintains software pricing updates to ensure project estimates are always up to date.

SolBid algorithms select each project's best available financing options and incentives paired with accurate energy production modeling. Delivering an immersive and interactive proposal that closes projects faster and provides all of the details your customers need to know to make an informed decision.



SolBid provides the following services as a vendor to deliver exceptional quality for every project
100% Project Financing
SolBid has partnered with some of the best financial institutions available.
Engineering & Applications
Engineered construction plans and utility/incentive application management.
Major solar components, including PV modules, inverters, racking, and DAS system.
Extended Warranty
25yr extended limited warranty, operations and maintenance plan on all major components.

True Apples-to-Apples Construction Bids

Solar energy systems come in many different sizes, types, and qualities, making it hard to get a true apples-to-apples comparison. SolBid provides detailed bid packages with professionally engineered construction plans, removing any “unknown” conditions that can drive costs.

SolBid network includes only well-established and trusted commercial general and electrical contractors to bid on and perform the construction of our solar energy systems. No fly-by-night solar contractors here.

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Flexible Pricing Plans

We help businesses elevate their value through our custom software and services solution.

Bi-Annual Plan

$ $1,226

6-Month Package
  • Unlimited User Seats
  • Performance Metrics Dashboard
  • Instant Estimates and Proposals
  • Adjustable Margin on Projects
  • Live Support and Review
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12-Month Plan

$ $1,965

Annual Plan
  • Unlimited User Seats
  • Performance Metrics Dashboard
  • Instant Estimates and Proposals
  • Adjustable Margin on Projects
  • Live Support and Review
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