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Jul 21, 2024

Growth of Solar Industry Means More Jobs

June 15, 2022

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Jobs in the clean energy sector are steadily increasing, according to the Environmental Defense Fund, due to increased demand for clean energy and efficient technology, falling technology costs, and supportive investments. Due to the necessity of meeting sustainability targets, jobs in the solar industry are rapidly expanding both domestically and abroad. According to the National Solar Jobs Census, the solar job market is predicted to grow from over 230,000 jobs in 2020 to around 400,000 workers by 2030.

The Sunflower Solar Station for Entergy Mississippi has recently completed construction of the states largest solar installation. The 100-MW solar project in Ruleville, Mississippi will provide energy for 16,000 homes. As the price of natural gas rises, solar energy will reduce the cost of electricity for consumers. The Sunflower Solar Station employed Mississippi vendors and construction workers which boosted regional employment.

As additional projects like this are initiated, more jobs will be created around the nation. To reach our sustainability targets by 2035, upwards of 900,000 workers must be employed in the solar industry. The demand for solar jobs will continue to rise, which will contribute to the development of a sustainable future.


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