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Jul 21, 2024

Why do only 3.5% of companies have solar despite high sustainability goals? How SolBid can encourage more companies to take action.

June 8, 2022

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Despite the high prevalence of corporate sustainability goals and rising energy costs, only 3.5% of the commercial and industrial complex currently have solar.

According to G&A Institute and Perillon, 92% of S&P 500 companies, 88% of public companies, and 67% of private companies have sustainability goals. Simultaneously, energy costs have been rapidly increasing. In March 2022, The Guardian found that traditional energy costs, particularly natural gas, increased by 24% in the past year and cost of general electricity increased by 9%. A combination of increasing energy costs and the decreasing cost of renewable energy now means that solar is the cheapest form of energy on the market. Solar energy has the ability to both accomplish companies sustainability goals and reduce costs for the company and their consumers.

So why does only 3.5% of the commercial and industrial complex have solar, and how can SolBid help solve this problem?

The current solar market makes it challenging for these companies to implement solar. There is a lack of standardization in the industry, it is difficult to install solar on a large amount of buildings, the financial costs (including incentives, labor costs, and material costs) change constantly and are hard to keep track of, and third party developers take a long time to plan and execute projects.

SolBid has the capacity to solve every one of these issues. Heres how:

  • Our simple to use design, proposal, and estimation software provides a solar design, proposal and cost breakdown in a matter of minutes
  • We make procurement easy
  • We provide a way to actively install multiple solar projects
  • Our solar projects take on average 6-12 months to complete from proposal
  • We provide up-to-date incentives and costs, including material and labor costs
  • Our software standardizes the commercial solar process
  • We provide needed financing with our lending partners

SolBid is a ready-to-use simplified platform and solution for designing, procuring, and installing commercial solar that helps save companies time and money. SolBid can help companies meet their sustainability goals and reduce their costs for them and their consumers.



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